Google TV Box?

kernal1, Nov 4, 10:43pm
Sounds a great idea :-) to connect my TV to Internet - 1st time noticed on Ian Wishart's site for $139. Not tech savy at all so thought's please.price OK or are there cheaper. Only have desktop PC, wireless connection but 'fancy' skype on a bigger screen for starters. Many thanks.

twaymouth, Nov 4, 10:50pm
Be cautious with these, there are many different models available, some are great some are complete rubbish, i.e. over heating, slow, limited storage, unstable etc. Make sure you do plenty of research and read lots of reviews on the one you are interested in buying. Do you have a link for the one you are interested in!

kernal1, Nov 5, 2:56am
This is the link (hopefully) where I found this item!
Thanks for your input twaymouth, you obviously have knowledge of such items so any suggestions as to a good brand etc! I really don't know where to start but read of this via an email and thought 'what a great idea'!

ryanm2, Nov 5, 3:46am
there are heaps of generic android TV devices so just google your heart out and find the best bang fr buck.

twaymouth, Nov 5, 4:04am
Those little devices are a great idea for light web browsing, game playing etc but don't expect any really high performance from them. have a look at this page, it is essentially the same one that you are looking at but much cheaper. There are also a number of reviews to read so you can get an idea of what to expect:

kernal1, Nov 11, 2:38am
Thanks for this but since askled at a retail shop locally and they told me what i wanted was impossible unless I brought a smart TV!
Main reason I fancy is to have Skope on my TV, instead of usual Desk top PC! I have wireless connection. In short, buying one that you it all up but some I don't understand.(Too tech!) if I buy one can I just connect and then use my TV for skype conversations and beable to see/hear both ways! Thanks!

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