Traveling Device

I am going traveling soon through Asia, India & then moving to London & am tossing up between what internet device to buy, mini iPad, a tablet or iPhone! Any advice :)

geek_whitey55, Nov 5, 5:23 pm

An iPad Mini is a tablet.

I think the wifi iPad Mini is a pretty good compromise, its fairly small and wifi should be available widely enough in most places that you won't need a cellular data connection (which can get expensive anyway).

geek_vtecintegra, Nov 5, 6:33 pm

India is part of Asia BTW.
So, if you're travelling business class, staying in expensive hotels, etc etc, then get whatever you want.
If you're travelling on the cheap, don't get an ithing or anything fancy - you're just setting yourself up to have it stolen, along with anything else of value you've got with you.An iPhone is worth average 6 month wages in India.
Get something cheap.There will be plenty of internet cafes if you desperately need to check your facebook.

geek_mm12345, Nov 5, 7:15 pm

No frigging way would you catch me logging into anything at an internet cafe in South East Asia or India

geek_vtecintegra, Nov 5, 7:18 pm

I'm a frequent traveller in Asia and recommend a Samsung 3g tablet and/or Galaxy s3.
The reason why Samsung over other Android is because parts are everywhere (chargers, batteries, covers etc) which will come in handy if you need spares due to loss or breaking it. Apple is theft risk and will be a target, also you will constantly be looking for places to charge it is battery's are in-cased and the maps functionality is nowhere as good as google maps.

3g because you can buy local sims (or a travel sim) with data cheaply and get full functionality of the smart phone or tablet.

Tablets have advantage on the planes, buses or trains, when you want to watch a movie or read a book and have seen all the inflight entertainment (or there is none), but the smartphone is far more mobile. My tablet never leaves the hotel room - but my phone is invaluable for directions, translations, price conversions/checks and bookings while on the go.

geek_ropes2, Nov 5, 8:25 pm