Samsung tv with interweb and skype ready

intrade, Nov 5, 6:52pm
Now i pluged in the tv works well on net with cable so i plugd a mouse works also and then i plugged a usb wireless dongle , this is where it ended did not work, needs a special samsung usb wireless dongle . So i went online donea wee hunt 164$ lol screw that asked my mates on linux , he got me to look up the chip on my cheap usb-dongle and said if its got the chip samsung use on there we can just change the firmware. And woala it was the same chip,, dongle cost me 10$ from loglink So i opened up SSh on my linux and let him change the firmware on the dongle via the interweb. Then it did still show the old firmware. He seid i should reboot so i did and woala it showed as samsung wireless divise now , pluged it in on tv and woala few clicks and i was online with the cheap 10 bux wireless divise saved me a wooping amount. With skype camaras its diferent no aftermarket things it seems as the mic and camera are built in as one , but got me one from here people dont use for 80$

intrade, Nov 9, 6:29am
no one doingwot i did . i owe it to my linux mates however that it all works mint

lostdude, Nov 9, 7:51am
Nah, we did our research and bought TVs with built-in wifi.

intrade, Nov 9, 7:54am
ok i was doing my research and i wanted cheap good and low power consumption. So far i am happy with this no heat emitted from it runs almost 24/7 as it is my pc monitor

badcam, Nov 9, 10:29am
How big did you say your dongle was!

black-heart, Nov 9, 10:38am
WHy buy a TV with internet, when you've connected it to a PC as a monitor !

badcam, Nov 9, 10:42am

galex, Nov 10, 2:17pm
"woala " no,no,no"Voila" Yes.

intrade, Nov 10, 8:32pm
the features i wanted only came cheap on that one i was not going to pay 1200$ or go to non full hd for a few $ less. its got all features only one it dont has is 3d. uses less power then my 19" monitor i had on here befor that stopped working.

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