Samsung Galaxy S2

geek_daniel993, Nov 6, 5:52 am
Any owners about! What is your battery life like!

Mine seems to be dropping very fast 20% a hour.

geek_2nd2none, Nov 6, 6:06 am
How old! What OS!
Is that with heavy use, moderate, or on just on stand by!
have you checked what backgrounds apps maybe running!
What apps have you downloaded since this has occurred!
Do you let it run completely flat then charge!

So many variables, need more info

geek_acura, Nov 6, 6:58 am
any way you cut it 20% per hour seems very high.
But as above need more info.

geek_daniel993, Nov 6, 10:20 pm
That is on standby with WIFI running. Nothing running in the back ground as i have killed everything. OS is 4.0.3 phone is 4 days old. No i have not let it run completely flat yet.

geek_drsr, Nov 6, 11:19 pm
Assuming Samsung haven't completely screwed up ICS with their Touchwiz nonsense, in Settings under Battery there should be a list of the top battery drainers, what does it say there!

geek_2nd2none, Nov 6, 11:36 pm
Calibrate the battery also,!s=

geek_daniel993, Nov 6, 11:43 pm
I will do that thanks.

geek_daniel993, Nov 6, 11:47 pm
screen 81% cell standby 5% and a few others 3% 5%. It does seem better today was 92% this morning after full charge last night. Turned on WIFI this morning around 10 am and its now on 84%

geek_drsr, Nov 7, 12:26 am
Right, it probably just needs to finish calibrating then. If you tap on the battery graph on this screen it will show you how long the screen was on and how often the phone was awake and so on.

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