Acer Aspire One 522 - LCD Flicker and Overheating!, Nov 6, 11:42pm
So I've had my Aspire One 522 Netbook since March 2011. Over the past few months it's been flickering like crazy and overheating, and getting progressively worse and it's now at the point where it's getting so hot I'm sure it's gonna damage components. Speedfan shows the CPU getting up to 84 degrees Celcius but generally it hovers about 75. The flickering happens intermittently, and white horizontal lines flicker quickly across the screen and almost cover the whole display. This led me to believe that the integrated graphics was overheating and causing this, and a quick Google search revealed that there was a cabling and timing issue with the model, and further many people have had this netbook overheat. The warranty was a 1 year limited warranty - what do you think my chances are of getting it repaired under the consumer guarantees act! Any advice welcome. TIA, Nov 6, 11:47pm
It just hit 90 degrees, jeez, Nov 6, 11:47pm
It just hit 91 degrees, jeez. I should add that these temperatures are from simply browsing the internet

r.g.nixon, Nov 7, 12:05am
No doubt it is clogged with dust inside., Nov 7, 12:10am
That's the thing, it isn't :/. Upgraded it to 4GB RAM about a month ago, and I checked the fan then. The little amount of dust that was there i cleaned out with a cotton bud

black-heart, Nov 7, 1:23am
Get it serviced, the fan isn't necessarily where its clogged with dust, theres heatsinks and airways. Ask the person servicing it too reapply thermal paste., Nov 7, 1:25am
Yeah think i'll get some past and reapply it myself tonight, see how I get on

black-heart, Nov 7, 1:35am
TBH it's quite possibly permanently damaged now if it's been overheating for a month. Where did you buy it! I wouldn't go tampering with it, and entertain the idea of CGA covering you., Nov 7, 4:03am
Yeah, hmmmm. Bought at PB Tech. Might not touch it, bought thermal grease but it's a mission to change it so I'm not gonna risk it. Will look into getting it fixed under CGA

black-heart, Nov 7, 4:46am
PB tech, hmm, I am interested to see how the CGA thing works out, please report back., Nov 7, 4:47am
Sure will! Gonna go by the fact it is of poor quality and unsafe for use

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