Help needed using printer with another computer?

sonshine, Nov 7, 10:05pm
We recently had another computer made up for us as our old one died. The printer we had hooked up to the old one is a Canon Pixma MP610. We tried hooking it up to our newly built pc but it's not recongnising it. Yet our daughter can just plug and print using her laptop! The printer was given to us and we don't have any discs or such. Seems we need a driver! Is this problem easy to rectify! (Sorry I am not pc savvy in this area) Thanks for any help!

little_egypt, Nov 7, 10:07pm (shortcut link to drivers)

newbie5, Nov 8, 4:16am
you have been given a link for the drivers now all you have to do is download them then install your printer.
Once the drivers are installed your computer should pick up the printer when you plug it in

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