New TV - help with freeview

gennie, Nov 8, 8:36am
Bought a new 'smart' LG TV with built in freeview this week. We have a UHF aerial so it should work.TV has aerial cable between it and aerial plug but most of the TV channels don't tune in with the auto tune and what does tune is has really bad reception.

The old TV we had there used a free view box and reception was perfect with the full range of freeview channels.Have had to plug the new TV into the freeview box to have any success with getting reception.(Which defeats the purpose of a new TV with built in freeview!)

There is another TV in another room which has built in freeview which is plugged into the aerial and gets the full complement of freeview channels fine (indicating that the positioning of the aerial must be ok).

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get proper reception on the new TV!Have retuned several times but usually only get half the channels (and a different selection - eg usually get 1, 2, 3, 1+1, prime, 6, 11 but not 12, 3+1, 4, but this can differ from retune to retune)

Thanks in advance.
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r.g.nixon, Nov 8, 9:59am
Faulty TV, is my guess.

stevo2, Nov 8, 4:59pm
try swapping this tv with the other that has built in freeview to see if it is a tv fault or wiring issue.

jetgriff, Nov 9, 12:57am
are you scanning the Digital channels or making the mistake I made and scanned the analogue channel and wondered why it did not pick anything up. the input button at top of remote ( TV AV) press the TV button twice see if it swops between Ana / Digi, if just ana the dig is turned off in the set up menu

mgc54, Nov 9, 1:40am
Really bad reception indicates an ANALOGUE channel, digital is either there or not. as jetgriff says when you auto scan do you have the option to scan for analogue or digital or both!. try digital only!.
Our samsung tvs with built in freeview display wether its an analogue or digital channel, sometimes when you select a channel number on the remote it selects analogue, hitting the channel number a SECOND time usually switches it to digital!

intrade, Nov 9, 6:25am
i got a samusng with freview you know they got digital and analog tuner . i get the same channels analog as with my old analog tv and 0 digital ones. for digital you need ultra good reception or you be getting nada .
I have got tv via sattelite thru my linux kanotix and pci tuner , and my 40 inch samsung is now my pc monitor. Good investment i recon i made as i needed a montitor for pc anyhow.

spyware, Nov 9, 8:15am
And remove any VCRs or Sky decoders from antenna circuit as analog RF modulators will destroy DVB-T signal if on same channel.

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