LCD Vs LED Vs Plasma For Gaming?

aidy40, Nov 10, 11:42pm
I am looking at buying a new TV - I game on the PS3 quite alot

What type of TV would be the best for me!

vtecintegra, Nov 10, 11:50pm
The individual model is more important than what tech it uses

aidy40, Nov 10, 11:53pm
What about this model! Someone I know can sell me a 60 Inch version

aidy40, Nov 11, 12:03am
Whoops it is the 55 inch :) is that good for gaming etc! and a good tv all round

aidy40, Nov 11, 12:57am
bump plz

trevenco, Nov 11, 1:09am
I got the later model, 55HX750 for the same price.
Awesome tv.

Note you can get it much cheaper elsewhere.

trevenco, Nov 11, 1:11am
Especially good for 3D gaming.

aidy40, Nov 11, 1:19am
Sweet thanks - The KDL-55EX720 which I can get of my friend for $1,000 which I think is a good price

Would 3D gaming and normal gaming be good with that tv also can you surf the web any websites or only a selected few!

vtecintegra, Nov 11, 1:29am
Should be great for gaming, although you'll probably find 3d a gimmick.

I'd forget about the internet enabled features, way too clunky compared to a proper PC or tablet

aidy40, Nov 11, 1:37am
K do you know with that model if you can acess all sites! As I might plug in a wireless mouse and keyboard

Also Ive been told before, LED's are not good for 'blacks'! And wouldn't keep up with gaming very well, but plasmas are much better with 'blacks' is any of that true and would that LED tv im looking at getting be fine! Thanks

trevenco, Nov 11, 1:55am
That tv would be fine for $1000. Plasma do have advantages, but also have disadvantages. They generally process faster. Deeper blacks etc.but don't look good in daylight.
But picture quality in LED is fine.
Unsure of internet on Sony tv as I don't use the tv for that, but am lead to believe they're a little slow. I sometimes use YouTube app though, and that works fine.

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