Apple TV iPad 2 mirroring

chookyda, Nov 11, 5:24am
Hi there , would anyoneknow how ( or if !) to get the mirror function to work on my iPad 2 , I have a sec gen Apple TV , all up to date, I also have a Vodafone router HG556a . I have enabled mirroring on the Apple TV but on the iPad or any of our iPhones . Thanks loads clever people :)

magoo1971, Nov 11, 5:37am
Double click the home button to bring up the multi-tasking bar along the bottom.Swipe right to get the volume and brightness controls, tap on the apple tv/airplay symbol and select apple tv :o)

brophs, Nov 11, 5:37am

chookyda, Nov 11, 6:02am
Cheers Magoo , when I double click and slid I get all the lock and volume buttons etc but no mirror icon

dunedin_ree, Nov 11, 6:05am
That means that either it's not enabled on the ATV, or you're not on the same wireless network, or there's some kind of firewall (etc) blocking the traffic so they can't see each other.

chookyda, Nov 11, 6:10am
Thanks for that , Apple TV all ok, checked same network ok , thinking it may be huawei router , will keep looking , thanks

tillsbury, Nov 11, 7:28am
Have you updated to latest iOS!I think it's only 6 and above that does this.

magoo1971, Nov 11, 7:38am
I was able to use the mirroring function with ios5 :o)

chookyda, Nov 11, 8:23am
Yep , have the latest iOS 6.01 on all devices.

What type of router do you have !

Thanks again :)

nia, Nov 11, 11:13am
This happens to me sometimes and I'm not too sure why but restarting the apple TV usually fixes it. Interestingly enough I have the exact same router.

chookyda, Nov 12, 4:30am
Thanks nia , I tried turning on off Apple TV but still no joy . Someone told me today that the huawei router that Vodafone supplied ay be the issue !

pyro_sniper2002, Nov 12, 4:48am
My boss has the exact same problem with that router.

nambawan_kiwi, Nov 12, 7:25am
Is your ATV jailbroken!If so, mirroring wont be available.

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