Adobe Photoshop CS6 lost colour

b1anca, Nov 12, 4:06am
weve lost the gradient tool somehow on our adobe photoshop - can someone tell us how to get it back please !

mgc54, Nov 12, 4:12am
This is for Adobe Elements 10 but it may well work for CS6.
Open any of the other tools.
Across the top of the tweeking window there is a command menu.
At the extreme left hand end there may be a downward pointing arrow.
Select that.
Gives you the option to "reset all tools"
Best of luck :)

-mung-, Nov 12, 4:50am
gradient tool occupies the same space as the paint bucket tool.

All tools with a little arrow at the bottom right of the icon mean if you click and hold you'll see a bunch of hidden tools.

b1anca, Nov 12, 5:17am
If we were to uninstall our copy of it and reinstall it - would that change the settings back to the way they were!

deej5, Nov 12, 5:31am
Listen to -mung-
If the paint bucket is visible click and hold down to reveal the gradient tool.

b1anca, Nov 12, 5:50am
The colours aren't working IN the gradient tool

-mung-, Nov 12, 6:20am should tell you all you need to know, if what is in that link doesn't gel with what you are seeing on screen, check your colour mode (menu > Image > mode). If it's bitmap, greyscale, duotone or indexed colour, gradients won't work as expected. Ideally you should be in RGB.

nzdoug, Nov 12, 6:23am
Command option shift held down right after starting photoshop start up restores default work space

b1anca, Nov 13, 6:24am
Man managed to fix it thank you :)

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