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kuaka, Nov 12, 9:50am
Okay, so my trusty old computer is like me getting older by the day and nearing the end of it's useful life, but I just don't know what to replace it with.Local computer expert (who has had to do surgery on this one a couple of times recently) says to just get a new hard drive as the keyboard and monitor are newish (I replaced them a while back), step-son says get an all-in-one, a friend and my son both say get an ipad.I really only use the computer for emails and trademe, don't download videos/music etc, don't really need to use the computer anywhere but at home, although if I had a laptop I'd probably sit in a comfy chair to use it rather than at the desk.Any advice please as I am totally confused.Oh, and I'm told laptops don't have much storage but my computer only has 960MB ram soI guess pretty much anything would be better.

gj, Nov 12, 10:05am
Storage and memory are not the same (although the technology they use is becoming similar) Storage is the capacity your hard drive has to store files (photos, music and programs etc.). Memory (RAM) is temporary space which programs need while they are running. Laptops or desktops can have as much of either as you need (within reason) and certainly much more than your requirements. Based on what you say, an iPad will probably do all you need - but definitely try one out before you decide.
An all-in-one is OK but I wouldn't recommend a touch screen unless you really need it, however if your screen is 'newish' then why replace it! Keyboards are only about $10 so don't worry about keeping that.

r.g.nixon, Nov 12, 10:06am
A basic tablet. Something like the new 7" Nexus.

kuaka, Nov 12, 10:27am
Thanks - you can see why I'm confused.The other thing is that because I've spent most of my life (well 50 years or so) typing on a typewriter (manual, then electric before progressing to word processors and now computers) I wonder if I would find a laptop or ipad a bit weird to use - I see lots of people sitting using laptops, notebooks, ipads etc outside the library and most seem to be typing with only 2 fingers, whereas I'm a touch typist and totally lost if I have to resort to 2 fingers 'cos I'm holding the phone or something.Are laptops, notebooks and ipads totally different to type on!

suicidemonkey, Nov 12, 11:58am
Tablets are different as they have a software based keyboard on the screen so take a bit of getting used to. They are not ideal for word processing at all.

A lot of people touch-type on laptop keyboards. Most people don't due to laziness/lack of education/never having tried it, etc.
The alphabetical layout of a computer keyboard should be the same as a typewriter I assume! So it would just be a matter of getting used to the feel of it.

stevel_knievel, Nov 12, 12:07pm
I'd go with another desktop or laptop. An iPad/Tablet is really a complementary item to a computer. An all in one is fine, but it's really just a laptop with a bigger screen and without the portability. I'd expect a laptop to last around 3 years, whereas a desktop will last 10+ years as they are easier to repair and upgrade.

ammoola, Nov 12, 2:56pm
Combine the three of them (Desktop+Notebook+Tablet) and get an Ultrabook. You will have a solid performance, full-sized keyboard and light weight portability.

kuaka, Nov 12, 7:31pm
What sort of money would I be looking at to get one of those!

r.g.nixon, Nov 12, 7:57pm

Or, for just $US200, you could get a Chromebook.

lythande1, Nov 13, 1:15am
Did he!
If he did, he isn't any sort of expert.
A hard drive is a piece inside the computer that holds the OS and files.
It is not the PC itself.

kellrae, Nov 13, 1:22am
I had to replace our desktop earlier this year.Have an HP Probook 6560 with a docking station.I have the monitor, keyboard and printer plugged into the docking station on the office desk.When I want to just use in the notebook in another room I remove from the docking station and off I go.Works really well.I also have got a cooling fan which I sit the Notebook on when using on the docking station to keep the notebook cool.

kuaka, Nov 13, 6:58am
But isn't he really saying, that if only the hard-drive needs upgrading, then only upgrade the hard-drive. Isn't it a bit like saying "the car is fine, but the gearbox is stuffed, so replace the gearbox". ! Or is it not that simple!

gj, Nov 13, 8:39am
Its not the hard drive he has suggested replacing, its the Desktop computer (the box with all the guts in it). The Hard Drive is just the component which stores your data. You don't need to spend more than $500-600 for a new unit (sometimes advertised as an upgrade Box) or $300 or so for a good ex-lease desktop which will do everything you want it for.

lostdude, Nov 13, 8:50am
The context of your OP suggests he (or your interpretation of your conversation) was telling you to upgrade the "Box". What lythande1 is talking about is the definition of "Hard Drive". If your so called "Computer Expert" referred to the "Box" as a "Hard Drive" then he is either NOT an expert or just a really bad one because he's spreading misinformation & incorrect terminology. If YOU call the "Box" a "Hard Drive" then he should have corrected you instead of using your own language in order for you to understand.

As for the above analogy, that assumption is incorrect. He is indeed referring to the "Box" (Car), not the "Hard Drive" (Gearbox).

kuaka, Nov 13, 11:13am
Okay, I said at the start that I was confused, let's just say I'm even more confused now.

r.g.nixon, Nov 13, 7:37pm
We are a bit like Jews in this respect:"two Jews=three opinions"

kuaka, Nov 13, 8:15pm
Well said.I might just wait till this old computer dies completely then I will "have" to do something.

lostdude, Nov 13, 8:29pm
OK, let's clear that up. This is a Hard Drive, Hard Disk Drive, or HDD for short: Which is just a small component INSIDE a Desktop PC: This "Box" is often referred to as the "Box" or "System Unit" but more prominently INCORRECTLY referred to as the "Hard Drive".

Now that you know the difference, your "Computer Expert's" recommendation should make more sense.

lostdude, Nov 13, 8:29pm
OK, let's clear that up. This is a Hard Drive, Hard Disk Drive, or HDD for short: Which is just a small component INSIDE a Desktop PC: This "Box" is often referred to as the "Box" or "System Unit" but more prominently INCORRECTLY referred to as the "Hard Drive".

Now that you know the difference, your "Computer Expert's" recommendation should make more sense.

sykotik_ninja, Nov 13, 8:35pm
This thread got too technical, you experts (and I don't mean this in a bad way) should have kept it nice simple and on topic.

There are some good suggestions up in here, go through the posts again and you'll find what you are looking for.

lostdude, Nov 13, 8:43pm
It may have gotten off topic a bit, but one of my (& I suspect any other tech's) pet peeves is miscommunication due to the of the use of incorrect terminology. If they at least now know the difference, they won't be in for a surprise and potentially worse flogging if they ever try to ask questions about their PC in the future.

kuaka, Nov 13, 9:06pm
Thanks - I can see how this irritates the living daylights out of people who know, I guess I'm the same when I see someone listing something as being "wool" and then when you read the auction it says 100% acrylic.Acrylic isn't wool.It's "yarn".

schizoid, Nov 14, 1:56am
Get a cheap notebook or netbook. That should meet your needs just fine.

kuaka, Nov 14, 3:31am
Confused - much!

stevel_knievel, Nov 14, 4:36am
I put my desktop under my desk. I'm a rebel like that.

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