Windows Firewall.Restore Defaults.what happens

morab, Nov 12, 8:29pm
to my computor running XP if I hit the Restore Defaults button.
will I have to have to re-enter any information,passwords etc.I run only ESET NOD32 antivirus

r.g.nixon, Nov 12, 9:47pm
This is just a firewall button is it! If so, it won't affect passwords.

morab, Nov 12, 10:19pm
r.g. so is it a good idea to do this every now an than.on the weekend I used ccleaner and since than have had a couple of issues such as.
Security Warning
do you want to view only the webpage content delivered securley,contains content that will not be delivered using a secured HTTPS connection that may compromose security of the entire webpage.
yes or no buttons.
thats why I was thinking that there may be more than 1 firewall in the system.

r.g.nixon, Nov 13, 12:23am
Don't worry about unsecured content, unless you are doing banking or an online credit card purchase.

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