Advice need please?

Am wanting to by a 2nd hand laptop for xmas for my 12 yr old son. He plays Minecraft etc and will be used for homework etc.
What sort of specs etc should I be looking at!
I know he will need it to be wireless and with a CD writer/dvd drive. Just not sure on the rest. I dont want a really slow machine and obviuosly with plenty of memory.can any of you recommend the minimum specs!
Thank you so much :)

geek_lornestar, Nov 13, 10:34 am

core2duo 1.8 ghz
4 gig's of DDR3
nvidia GT320M with 1gig of dedicated graphics memory.(low end)

geek_r.g.nixon, Nov 13, 10:41 am

Thanks :)

geek_lornestar, Nov 13, 10:50 am

Having been ripped off with a 2nd hand laptop off here, I would never go there again. Laptops are cheap now, so buy new.

Don't buy from hn, nl, b&b etc.

geek_hakatere1, Nov 13, 11:50 am

And never ever forget that they are all competing with each other for the sale. I full price for electrical goods. Buying a new laptop you should expect $100 discount at the absolute minimum!

geek_trevenco, Nov 13, 4:04 pm