Free online text file storage

stkel, Nov 12, 9:36pm
Can anyone recommend a site that offers free text file storage. I have some important files to back up - text only. i want something that is user friendly and reliable.

r.g.nixon, Nov 12, 9:38pm
Google Drive.

king1, Nov 12, 9:48pm
or just set up a gmail account and email them to it.

mikep, Nov 12, 9:50pm
Google Drive - you need a GMail account, 2Gb free
DropBox - if you jump throuh a few loops you can get up to 50Gb
SkyDrive - Microsoft's offering - 5Gb (I think) but I managed to get 25Gb.

GDrive and DropBox have apps for Windows, Android (dunno about Apple) that essentially put a folder on your desktop that acts like a virtual external drive that you just drag and drop to and from.

Reliability is as reliable as the internet and the three biggest players are.

stkel, Nov 13, 12:43am
Thanks people.

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