Is there a way to hook my laptop up to the tv to.

jordyalex, Nov 13, 1:18am
run a movie off my laptop !i have a brand new sony viao laptop and a few years old sony bravia tv ,i have heaps of movies on the laptop but the partner doesnt like to watch them on the laptop would rather on the tv,can this be done in any way please if someone can help thanks so much :)

alby100, Nov 13, 1:22am
HDMI ports!

jordyalex, Nov 13, 1:23am
i am not to electrical illiterate lol,:)but tv has them ports , and computer also, i am guessing i will need to buy a cord for that yes!

nowittle, Nov 13, 1:30am
yes i have my vaio connected to the tv through hdmi. buy a cable on here not througha retail store, i got 5m hdmi for around $12 works well, the shorter cables are even less

jordyalex, Nov 13, 1:31am
aw cool will do that thanks so much

jordyalex, Nov 13, 1:35am
and sorri one more this you know if we will be able to get our sound from the amp ( like with the movies off the laptop) still as my lovely kids ripped theheadphones out of the side of the tv and so we can only get sound thru the amp lol, not the tv,

alby100, Nov 13, 2:03am
does your TV have Audio outs! run these as the input to the amp.

ians2, Nov 13, 2:08am
I run an optical cable from my TV to the amplifier, whether your amp and TV have this I don't know. My amplifier is rather old, pre HDMI so that was my best option. Works well.

jordyalex, Nov 22, 5:11am
ok so we got the hdmi cable the pictue is coming u on the screen but wecannot get thesound to work, any ideasanyone as to how to make this work as the tv oesntmake sound cos the kids pulled the headphones ot of the tv and let the endof the pin inhe headphoneshole

nowittle, Nov 22, 5:24am
get some pliers and pull the plug out of the headphone socket, as the headphones mute the tv, or you could connect the sound from from your vaio to the stereo through the audio out plug

mm12345, Nov 22, 5:28am
So how are you getting the sound to work on the TV normally!
I've got an older Sony Bravia LCD TV here, and that has 2 channel stereo (L&R) audio out RCA adapters, as well as optical output.You could use either of those, or take sound out of the laptop via the headphone socket - then into the amp via a cable adapter - you'll have to muck around with audio settings on the laptop to ensure that HDMI audio and the laptop's own audio adapter are both enabled.There are many options/ways to do it.Getting the remains of the headphone plug out of the socket on the TV will make life easier all round - if not for this "project", then for something in the future.

jordyalex, Nov 22, 5:29am
do you mean the audio out plug on the viao!

jordyalex, Nov 22, 5:51am
hi there , thanks for your info, we have an older sony bravia also ,we tryed via the headphone part, so i am guessing iwill need to do as you said and muddle with the settings, i will try this,at the moment we have the sound running via sky to the amp ,

mm12345, Nov 22, 6:00am
Well you can probably do the same with the PC to the amp.
Example (win 7) if you right click the speaker icon on the system tray, select volume control options, you get a screen like this:
The sound can come from the computer sound card and the HDMI at the same time.You can use a stereo mini phone to RCA adapter, and connect to the amp.Or you may be able to play around with the TV settings to enable sound via "external speakers" to connect the RCA out on the TV to the amp - hopefully the broken plug in the headphone jack won't disable audio out on the TV.
As nowittle says above - life would be easier if you can get the remains of the plug out of the socket on the TV.

jordyalex, Nov 22, 7:09am
thanks heaps i will give that a try , we have tryed to get the headphone part out , but kids snapped it and it is far in there and there is nothing to latch onto to get it out , :)

gyrogearloose, Nov 22, 9:55pm
Another option: the movies on your laptop may be in a format compatible with your Sony Bravia TV, if you formatted a 4GB memory stick with FAT32 and copy one of the movie files, then plug it into your TV you might find that it plays perfectly (you would use the TV remote Play/Stop/FF/Rew buttons).

A large capacity external disk drive formatted with FAT32 might hold all of the movies, and free up capacity on your laptop.

mm12345, Nov 22, 10:39pm
Using a memory stick etc doesn't solve the problem of getting sound off the TV, if the headphone jack switching sound off to the TV speakers and audio out connectors can't be overridden in the TV settings.
If the hollow shank of the broken plug can be seen in the hole, I'd be tempted to try using either a screw of the right size twisted lightly to try and "grab" the remains of the plug, or use a metal rod or nail with a dab or 5 minute araldite carefully inserted inside the remains of the plug, let it set, then try pulling the plug out.Otherwise, some disassembly will be needed.

mm12345, Nov 23, 5:02am
Except that's only standard resolutionIMO running a laptop through a TV can be a very good idea.

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