Old Digital bits

thunderstorm, Nov 16, 5:00am
Hi, anyone want any old digital bits. (Digital is an old school brand) Some I/O cards and some other things.
Does anyone still play with that stuff lol.


thunderstorm, Nov 16, 8:52am
No takers! :(, in the fire they go :)

mrfxit, Nov 16, 9:44pm
$1 reserve or check listing for who's selling the older gear & ask them.

mrfxit, Nov 16, 9:44pm
$1 reserve (computers/ Vintage) or check listing for who's selling the older gear & ask them.

thunderstorm, Nov 16, 11:42pm
Hi, yes i may still do that. I haven't put them in the fire yet lol. Check my listings soon (sorry self promo lol) i will be listing cheap a whole heap of stuff you may like to take on, i am shifting again an cleaning out the garages, i can't be arsed takinga lot of it.

r.g.nixon, Nov 16, 11:52pm
Let me know if you have an IBM 360/40 front panel.

guest, Dec 11, 8:36pm
Yes, it is possible. I do short sales every days and I have been agrvaeing 40 to 60 days. However some can take longer and some I have received approval in 3 days! The listing agent apparently has some sort of information that you don't know about, as would be expected. What is to complain about? If she doesn't get approval you don't close on that date. Add into the contract that you will close by Nov 4 but no later than Nov 15th.References : real estate agent Was this answer helpful?

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