Compatible ink for laser printer?

jane310567, Nov 17, 6:38am
we have a brother printer and I have been tempted with the prices of compatible cartridges - any things to be wary of - the printer is out of warranty.

pzkpfw, Nov 17, 6:54am
Toner, not ink. Get one from a supplier that backs their product, and just go for it.

_drdee_, Nov 17, 8:21pm
Cross-fingers and go for it. worst case is fork out another 75 bucks for a new brother.

gj, Nov 18, 1:17am
Even worse case is to pay to have your carpet/clothes/printer cleaned if the contents of the toner dump on the floor. If you use a normal vacuum cleaner you risk blowing it up and/or breathing in toner dust which is carcinogenic.
Its a lower risk than it used to be, but it can happen with refilled toner cartridges.

_sms_, Nov 18, 1:26am
It can happen with OEM cartridges too believe me.

batman1966, Nov 18, 2:50am
Don't throw the old toner out yet, a little bit of packing tape will get you a couple hundred more pages. Worked on mine no worries

_drdee_, Nov 18, 10:01am
seriously, what ISN'T carcinogenic nowdays. water!

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