Help with flatscreen TV

turbogtx, Nov 17, 12:49pm
Hi, thought I would post this thread here as would probably get good help. I have an LG flatscreen TV which is 3 years old. Lately when I have gone to turn it on the red light changes to blue and the tv won't turn on. Sometimes I have to turn it on about 5 times in a row before the TV turns on. Am I right in guessing that the TV is on its way out and I should get a new one! I couldn't sleep and thought I would watch TV tonight and I had to literally do this 20 times before it would turn on. Thanks for the help.

twaymouth, Nov 17, 6:33pm
Sounds like something internal is failing, depending on the severity of the problem it may be able to be fixed quite cheap or it may be time for a new TV (depending on parts cost, labor rates etc). I would take it to an electronics repair shop and get a quote.

intrade, Nov 18, 4:14am
consumer guarantees act if you paid 800 or more then you got about 5 years consumer guarantees act repair demands. from original seller.

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