The scammers rang me at last

gyrogearloose, Nov 18, 6:39am
My observation is that while this scam was originally run out of India, this is no longer the case and the calls are now originating in New Zealand.

This is the same with the Nigerian scams, while they give the illusion of being Nigerian, research now shows they are run from elsewhere in the world.

In part this makes people think that the criminals are outside of New Zealand law and nothing can be done, but my assertion is that this is now a locally based scam.

fordy1110, Nov 18, 6:49am
that's not is it.
I had these people ring me on the cell phone, saying i had won a trip. i said well if i have send me proof, they said i did it online as well.
I only fill in things that say nz only.
they said they wanted my visa. well i got them i dont own one. :)

i said if i won send me an email or something. and im still waiting.
I was so exctied that i have won, but i wasnt stupid to give my details to them. they have since stopped calling me. 1 was from the usa, it be them who will have a huge phone bill.

fishb8, Nov 18, 6:50am
We get regular callers - if it's private or overseas or unrecognized we don't answer - leave it to the answerphone.
Blardy nuisances!

thebigratchet, Nov 18, 6:53am
Isn't those the same "dablu dalbu dablu dort" scammers like the ones originating from worldwide!

richard112, Nov 18, 7:43am
Post #1. Interesting Gyro.have had a lot heavy accented, but just the one, maybe 3 mths ago,the guy sounded like a Kiwi. When I led him on a bit, he wised up pretty fast, became abusive & hung -up.Apart from that has been pretty quiet of late, then had 4 over 48 hrs last week (Indi or asians). Nothing since. Thinking maybe the originals have sold out to the second wave. Also still getting the ones trying to build me a website. Pretty well over it now. Just say bugger off & hang up about 10 words down the track.

phillbit, Nov 18, 7:51am
there numbers are fake to i rang one back. didnt work

thebigratchet, Nov 18, 8:05am
These numbers' caller ID have been tapped to fake ones supposedly

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