LG Smart TV Upgrader (Wireless Keyboard And Mouse)

aidy40, Nov 19, 2:08am
Brought one of these over the weekend which I am really enjoying!

I want to get a wireless keyboard and mouse should I be looking with one that connects with Bluetooth or Not! So it will be compatible!


thebigratchet, Nov 19, 2:22am
This unit does not have bluetooth built in, it seems. So you can buy any wireless peripherals, as long as they come with a USB receiver dongle. There are lots to choose from so choose which one will suit your needs.

Have a look at these categories and see if there's anything you like:

http://www.playtech.co.nz/afawcs0139234/CATID=245/Keyboard--Mice-Combo--Wireless.html http://www.playtech.co.nz/afawcs0139234/CATID=248/page=1/keyboard___wireless.html

drsr, Nov 19, 2:48am
I would try it with a regular USB keyboard before buying a wireless one. The manual only says that it supports USB storage devices, so it may not work with USB keyboards at all.

gyrogearloose, Nov 19, 2:52am
Remind me again what the "U" in USB stands for!

drsr, Nov 19, 4:11am
It stands for "Useless Unless you have drivers". In this case it's a dedicated Linux box that may or may not have external keyboard drivers and may or may not listen to them in the dedicated media player program.

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