Laptop + gaming = reduced life?

suicidemonkey, Nov 20, 6:01am
Hey all,

I generally know my way around a computer, but hardware isn't really my strong point, so here's a bit of a newbie question.

I have a Retina Macbook Pro which I mainly use for video editing and design work, however I do like to play the occasional game. It handles COD: Black Ops 2 nicely even on high settings, but obviously the fans and temps skyrocket when playing.

My question is, does this stress actually reduce the life of the hardware due to the high temps!

Cheers for any info

lugee, Nov 20, 6:04am
Providing the temps stay within thermal envelopes, which for laptops is around 100 Celsius, they should not be any negative effects. The components and chassis are designed to allow the hardware to run at full load without issues.

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