Printer driver windows xp in German, won't change

julieandcasper, Nov 20, 7:07am
Hi, I installed a printer driver (for a networked printer) accidently in German. I deleted it and reinstalled in English. Now I get half German, half English on the advanced settings I need to use! How can I get rid of the German! I tried deleting and reinstalling English again, restarting in between with no luck. Thanks for any insights.

gibler, Nov 20, 7:12am
Racist thread.
Delete the printer. then.

sakkara, Nov 20, 7:25am
system restore may help

richard112, Nov 20, 7:51am
Don't mention the war!

julieandcasper, Nov 20, 8:01am
Tried that Gibler, didn't work.

gibler, Nov 20, 8:04am

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