Acer laptop quality

mm12345, Nov 20, 7:25am
I'm pretty impressed by the quality of the Acer laptop we have here: The lid hinges detatched gradually as the plastic case disintegrated around them, but hell, it's still going - just needs to have the lid propped up so the ribbon cable doesn't rip out.

velenski, Nov 20, 7:28am
hahahaha acer is the best.:)

gibler, Nov 20, 7:30am
acer . bottom of the barrel apart from those nasty cheap Android devices.

waynenz, Nov 20, 8:08am
I have an Acer Was a good price and works well for me

mm12345, Nov 20, 9:09am
That one of ours still works too.
That was an Acer Extenza 5620z, so about 3-4 years old.It was kind of cheap (about $750 IIRC).I don't expect any laptops to last much longer than this, and to be fair, there's been no electronic failure, but the quality of plastic in the construction was extremely poor, the design of the lid hinges put a hell of a lot of stress over a small and poorly reinforced area, so that simply after closing and opening the lid over a few years - it fell to pieces (AFAIK it's never been dropped).Pretty crap IMO.

_drdee_, Nov 20, 6:50pm
Sub-$1k laptop with 'decent' specs and you complain about build quality. WELL DUH!

mm12345, Nov 21, 5:46am
I was laughing rather than complaining.
Doesn't matter whether the product is cheap or expensive, it should still be "fit for purpose" and able to withstand normal wear and tear.
That Acer was a fail.The plastic used on the case is hardly fit for making flower pots at the $2 shop.

vtecintegra, Nov 21, 5:51am
That model is probably closer to 5 years old - not a bad lifespan for a budget consumer grade laptop

Also I'll bet its been left in the sun which is a killer for cheap plastic here

richard112, Nov 21, 6:12am
What about Desktops! No personal experience, except the couple I have seen appear to be working ok to a reasonable lifespan.

mm12345, Nov 21, 8:27am
The crap plastic wasn't left in the sun - it is just crap plastic and very poor design.The hinges are small and put a lot of stress on a poorly reinforced area.It was about 3-4 years old, I don't think that model dates back 5 years.
On the more positive side, apart from the lousy construction of the case, the electronics held up - it always worked fine.

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