Satellite internet cable length

busybeaver2, Nov 20, 9:07pm
It seems I may have to shift the internet dish on my friends house as there are some neighbouiring trees that are now ( they have gown since theybought the place ) affecting the line of sight transmission. Are there any limitations on the length of cable that can be used to connect after we move it to another site in the garden! I will ask neighbours bout trimming trees also.

r.g.nixon, Nov 20, 9:36pm
If this is your standard ethernet cable, 100m (without repeaters).

busybeaver2, Nov 21, 12:16am
okay thank you, that distance does give us a few options

mrfxit, Nov 21, 1:29am
Cat 5E = Theoretical max of 100 meters before substantial degrading of signal

deodar1, Nov 21, 1:52am
Depends how far away Ausat is on it's flypast.

mrfxit, Nov 21, 6:40am

spyware, Nov 21, 10:34am
Since when do you run cat5 to sat dishes!

pyro_sniper2002, Nov 21, 12:06pm
Welcome to tm computing.

mrfxit, Nov 21, 7:22pm
Did you NOT READ & UNDERSTAND that I was correcting another poster's comments.
NOWHERE did I say about what type of cable was used for Satellite dish installs

mm12345, Nov 21, 10:23pm
Yep - and the cost of that hardly breaks the bank.
From what I can gather, about 30m of good quality cable loses about 10dB signal strength, and that seems to be considered maximum without a booster.
But many other variables, dish alignment, lnb age/condition, cable quality, connectors done properly, splitters in the system - and if there are splitters unterminated.
I guess I've got about 20m cable, running a two-way splitter with two boxes, from a very old sky dish, no booster amp.That is working fine.

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