Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, should I get 3G

marie29, Nov 22, 1:05am
I am just about to purchase the Note 10.1, without 3G it is $799, and with 3G itis $999.I want to be sure I get it right when I spend big money, the Android is winning over the Ipad with me, I have a laptop but want a tablet for browsing and taking away on holiday etc,Anyone have any troubles with the Samsung Galaxy, am I making a good decision!I have heard an Ipad is more user friendly, and I am slightly confused as to what is the better deal.

sonic70, Nov 22, 1:08am
Reading with interest as thinking of getting one as well as a present for hubby.Thoughts please.Thanks

ians2, Nov 22, 1:24am
Do you have a smartphone!

If you do, then you can use the tablet in combination with this. Set the smartphone as a 'wifi hotspot' when you want to access the web. Save your self some $$$ if you can do this.

mikep, Nov 22, 1:44am
I have Note 10.1 and I can't really compare it to an iPad as I have never played with one, but it's great and very smooth. No problems at all.

The extra for 3G is excessive unless you are going to use it away from Wifi a lot. Just look up tethering, where you link it to a smartphone with USB or Bluetooth. I haven't tried it myself, so hopefully somebody else might confirm.

marie29, Nov 22, 1:49am
Thank you everyone!I don't have a smartphone in my life at this time, so may go for the 3G seeing I may do some tiki touring next year, when I am away from WiFi.

kscott3, Nov 22, 4:20am
I am also looking at 3g with ipad , like to hear from anybody using it ,,, costs !

marie29, Nov 24, 12:58am
I ended up paying the extra and getting the 3g, in case I need it down the track.It's taking me a while to get used to the tablet, not too much fun as yet, as I am a newbie to this game, and havea frustrating problem already - I got the guy at the store to download Samsung apps, which he did, but when I open it at home it goes to my Xtra mail.What is going on!Can anyone help!

kiwijo, Nov 24, 4:16am
I have got a Samsung Tablet 10.1 with 3G, but have just bought my son one without 3G for Christmas.He is only 8 and really has no need to be connecting to the internet other than at home, so I don't really see the lack of 3G as a problem.
BUT . if he needs to connect while away from home, can he do this through my phone (which is a Samsung smart phone) as mentioned above, and if so, how do I set my phone to allow this to happen!I've had a bit of a play with the phone, but can't work it out.
Or, would I be better off to take the tablet back and get the 3G one instead for the extra couple of hundred dollars!

mazdasix, Nov 24, 4:28am
If you've got a Samsung smartphone with one of the latest versions of Android, you can use wireless tethering and connect the tablet to your phone.

The setting is in the menu somewhere (sorry I can't be more specific). It will be called something like wireless tethering or hotspots.

A 3G tablet is handy, but having 2 sim cards and paying for 2 sets of data with your provider can be annoying. I prefer to pay for more data on my phone and then tether it to my tablet when I'm away from home.

kiwijo, Nov 24, 4:38am
Looks like my phone can't do portable tethering :-(It's a Samsung smartphone and the manual says it can be done, but when I go into the menu, the options are not there.I'll go and have a chat with the Telecom folk tomorrow!
Another question . can one Samsung Tablet be a hot-spot for another to access the internet through!

zak410, Nov 24, 4:42am
under settings, wireless & networks , tethering & portable hotspot on mine.

zak410, Nov 24, 4:42am
under : settings, wireless & networks , tethering & portable hotspot on mine.

kiwijo, Nov 24, 4:43am
Just answered my own question there . yes, it can!That solves that problem :-)

kiwijo, Nov 24, 4:47am
Yeah, that's what the manual says too, but my phone doesn't have the tethering & portable hotspot option (although the manual says it does).
I can work around it though but using my tablet as a portable hotspot :-)

trevenco, Nov 24, 7:52am
I connect my Galaxy Note 10.1 to my iPhone by using my iPhone as a hotspot, but have noticed the connection is faster if I connect through Bluetooth instead.

kiwijo, Nov 24, 9:01pm
My main reason for wanting to be able to connect away from home is because when my son gets it for Christmas, we will be at my parent's place (out of town) and he will want to download Minecraft.My parents have wi-fi at their place, but it's oh-so-complicated and we couldn't work out how to get my tablet onto it last time, so gave up in the end!I'll just use my phone SIM in it and get on the internet that way (which is what I do to get on the internet when away from home anyway), then make it a portable hotspot and then my son should, in theory, be able to get his tablet onto the internet that way.
I'm reluctant to take it back and exchange it for the 3G one unnecessarily.

vtecintegra, Nov 24, 10:34pm

You'll find 3G internet is going to get expensive playing something like Minecraft anyway - better off sticking to wifi (and watching the ussage, depending on what plan your parents are on it could be an issue even for their normal internet connection)

kiwijo, Nov 25, 11:41pm
When he plays Minecraft on my table, he's not on the internet.I just need to be able to download it onto his table on Christmas Day, coz lets face it, a day without Minecraft to him would be like I was chopping his legs off!LOL

kiwijo, Nov 25, 11:41pm
When he plays Minecraft on my tablet, he's not on the internet, so its just the downloading that will be the issue.I guess I could download it before leaving home, but I want to leave it sealed for him to open on Christmas Day.I just need to be able to download it onto his tablet on Christmas Day, coz lets face it, having the tablet there in front of him and not being able to get onto Minecraft would be like removing his oxygen from the air!LOL

kiwijo, Nov 25, 11:43pm
I went back into where I bought my son's tablet from and yes, if I log into the internet on my 3G tablet, activate tethering/portable hotspot, then my son will be able to get his tablet onto the internet using my connection.

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