Downloading XP disk image/setup

Hi, an old Dell computer of mine came preinstalled with XP. It originally came with a recovery disk that allowed a clean reinstall of XP. However, I've looked everywhere and can't find it. I have a new laptop now and was going to give it to my dad who only uses computers for facebook, emails and internet banking so XP would be fine as opposed to later operating systems. I want to reinstall XP as it's absolutely cluttered with 8 years worth of junk and need to clear *everything*. Plus, I still have the original product/license key for XP Home Standard plastered to the back of the computer. If I still have my license key, is there a legit and legal way of downloading and reinstalling XP!

geek_el.diablo, Nov 23, 6:32 pm

You may find the disk images on the file sharing networks eg piratebay - you will need to download and burn to disk.
You need to ensure you get one for the dell and the version of XP that you have, as they are tied to the oem brand.

geek_king1, Nov 23, 6:45 pm

Hmmm i was thinking "illegal" downloading may be the only option, sadly. Which is unfortunate, because both new computers and new operating systems are hugely expensive, considering that I already have a license for XP and an able computer.

geek_el.diablo, Nov 23, 6:47 pm

Nothing illegal about it.The license is the product key on the sticker - you can use any disc you like as long as it is the correct oem version disk.
Just download one that says its for dell and avoid anything about being 'cracked'

geek_king1, Nov 23, 6:53 pm

It's actually not illegal since you will be using a fully legit license. Downloading a copy of the XP install disc is really no different than if you had made a copy of your original XP install disc for safe keeping.

geek_bluecambridge, Nov 23, 6:56 pm

This looks like exactly what you need. You will also need to download all the necessary drivers from the Dell website, unless you still have the original driver disc that came with the laptop. It's a good idea to burn all the drivers to a CD once you have downloaded them. Here is your unadulterated Dell OEM Windows XP home disc:

geek_bluecambridge, Nov 23, 7:01 pm

There is also a specific order in which the drivers need to be installed on a Dell system. This is from the Dell website:
Hope it all goes well

geek_bluecambridge, Nov 23, 7:06 pm

What is the licence on the laptop for! Why do you need to re-install anything!

geek_d.snell, Nov 23, 7:13 pm

Start/Computer-first thing up should be all discs including recovery.Explore that &all discs, you might find XP copy.Preinstalled have
to have it somewhere.Explore Google too.

geek_deodar1, Nov 23, 7:25 pm

SOME of the OEM BRANDED & supplied install disks are coded for THAT brand.
Most . (as in 99%) will happily install from an ordinary oem/retail install disk.
The only catch can sometimes be in matching up the disk version & COA you have

geek_mrfxit, Nov 23, 7:44 pm

geek_deodar1, Nov 23, 8:02 pm

AFAIK the branded OEM install disks (HP, Dell etc) need the correct oembios files that match the SLP string embedded in the bios, otherwise they don't accept the product key and/or activate.

geek_king1, Nov 23, 9:35 pm

AFAIK the branded OEM install disks (HP, Dell etc) need the correct oembios files that match the SLP string embedded in the bios, otherwise they don't accept the product key and/or activate.Hence why OP should find one specifically for Dells

geek_king1, Nov 23, 9:35 pm

Thanks for all this! It's actually an old desktop, glad to hear this isn't illegal, I was a bit worried about that as I would rather not break any laws. Thanks for those driver lists as well bluecambridge. I'll have a look now for another copy of XP on my computer already, but it's quite old (bought in 2004 or 2005) so I was assuming they just sent disks instead of having those recovery partitions.

geek_el.diablo, Nov 23, 10:23 pm