Samsung Galaxy S2

johnhb, Nov 23, 9:07pm
Have just bought one of these second hand and am wending my way though the thing. Everyone seems to rave about it and I am happy with the phone, but. I don't find it very "intuitive" (could be my age, er. over 40). Maybe I'm from the era when you got an Instruction manual but there seems to be an awful lot of guesswork involved, and yes, I have checked out you-tube, but.

_drdee_, Nov 23, 9:13pm
But what!

Use google to your advatage, it is the manual for android, doesn't mater what brand/make the phone is really.

Google something like "set up email on android", "open office documents on android" and you will get it sorted in no time.

Like any new technology it does require a little bit of initial effort. It is always great to have a chat to another android user (you must know somebody), they will usually offer you a couple of tricks they have picked up.

beastie3, Nov 24, 6:40am
Hi johnhb.I bought my S2 brand new a year ago and it is brilliant! It did not come with a user manual so I went & searched online for one.this will be helpful I hope.

mazdasix, Nov 24, 6:41am
Android does take a bit of getting used to but once you get the hang of it, it's brilliant :D

mazdasix, Nov 24, 6:41am
Android does take a bit of getting used to but once you get the hang of it, it's brilliant :D

As above, use Google to your advantage. Search for Android beginners guides :)

bohemian4, Nov 24, 7:07am
Does anyone have the opinion that the S3 is worth the extra cost, about $400, over the S2! I can't decide between the two.

mazdasix, Nov 24, 7:08am
Yes without a doubt. You can get the s3 for under 700 if you shop around

otako, Nov 24, 1:21pm
The advantage I find with Android is that settings menus are instantly apparent and selections are much more numerous. This can be confusing for some people but if you know what you want you can scroll down and get to it quickly.

In general if you get stuck in a Android application just long press on the application and a selection menu will appear. Apple tends to work differently, a lot of selections are by short taps rather than long presses and its settings are less obvious,some menus having annoying dead ends. Good luck with the SII, just read the pdf manual from the link beastie3 gave above you'll be ok.

mt-deap, Dec 19, 11:38pm
Good luck with your S2, I bought mine from Telecom about 4 weeks ago, 3 of those weeks it has been away getting repaired.It keeps turning off randomly.At the moment I can't even get Telecom to return my phone call, let alone replace the Ph or even refund my money. Samsung are just as useless to deal with.

I downloaded the PDF manual for the galaxy s2, which was huge, but helpful.

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