Xbox 360

brummoi, Nov 23, 9:14pm
Hi. My son's xbox360 is playing up. Using brand new disks, the drawer keeps opening 4 or 5 times until it eventually plays then after 10 mins or so, it will just eject. It's a few years old. Any ideas please!

drsr, Nov 23, 10:23pm
The DVD drive is failing, it's a common problem. You could try getting it fixed under the consumer guarantees act if it's not too old. Otherwise try googling "xbox 360 clean dvd lens". You can get the laser replaced for $60 or so e.g. from

brummoi, Nov 23, 11:27pm
Too old to get fixed but will try a lens cleaner and see how that goes. Thanks

fish_man2, Nov 24, 3:57am
take the remote off your son and tell him off for opening it when you not looking

brummoi, Nov 24, 4:40am
he's bigger than me

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