Advice please buying a tablet?

katrina43, Nov 24, 4:48am
Hi Im looking at buying a Tablet but wanting some advice on which one is the best!

vtecintegra, Nov 24, 4:49am
Just get an iPad, either the Mini or full sized 3rd/4th generation depending on preference

mazdasix, Nov 24, 4:55am

If you have to ask which is best, then the iPad is probably best for you

mikep, Nov 24, 10:33am
OP please give some more details, as we will get into the inevitable "Android vs Apple" debate.

For example, what is your budget, who will be using is (age group), what do you want to do with it,, what is your experience with computers! etc.

If your budget is $500+, age group and purpose irrelevant, computer experience minimal, then iPad for you.

cameragod, Nov 24, 10:35am
In other words they think you are stupid so that is way they are saying you should buy the one made for idiots.:)

I am going to assume you are not stupid and have some idea what you want it for. so if you tell us, we will try and help you chose the best one for you.

tillsbury, Nov 24, 11:30am
Do that, then get an iPad.

katrina43, Nov 24, 10:49pm
I do have some knowelge of computers, Im wanting it to take with me when I go away from home for internet, emails, skype and e books. save having to take laptop with us!

acura, Nov 24, 10:55pm
It is not a desktop/laptop replacement. personally on long trips (overseas etc) i take a Netbook and the iPad. If i had to choose only one if would be the Netbook.
I have an iPad and an Android based phone (S2) - i do prefer Android having tried both. But for a tablet i would still get an iPad 3/4 just for the screen resolution. That's just me.

mikep, Nov 24, 11:56pm
If you don't plan on doing a lot of typing, I'd recommend a 7" tablet - the brand is up to you depending on budget. If you won't have access to wifi, then the 3G option will be necessary plus a good data plan, so that really eliminates the cheap chinese tablets.

I recommended 7" because that format makes using ebook reader, skype etc easier. Screen resolution makes very difference for those.

I'm a fandroid so a bit biased, and there is no "best", just most suitable. Do some shopping and look at the Galaxy Nexus 7 and the iPad Mini.

vtecintegra, Nov 25, 12:03am
If resolution is what you want the Nexus 10 is highest in the business (2560×1600)

I still don't think Android is a very coherent O/S on larger tablets though, it certainly still suffers from a lack of proper tablet formatted apps (plus the layout for 4.2 is just weird on a big screen)

acura, Nov 25, 1:44am
Aha finally catching up. took a while.

greeny, Nov 25, 7:11am
have alook at the samsung ativ windows 8

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