Iphone 3gs bulging battery

angeb2, Nov 25, 10:01pm
hiya was not sure where to post this but here goes.my iphone 3gs which I bought off tm 1 year ago has stopped working, wont turn on or charge, the battery seems to be bulging causing small cracks in the back of phone. I have it outside incase it explodes or something, im wondering if anyone has come across this and if I can get it fixed or do I have to cut my losses and dispose of it! tia

mazdasix, Nov 25, 10:29pm
That can happen to lithium batteries if they get exposed to heat or get knocked around. You were right to take it outside as they can explode. If it is bulging, the battery needs to be replaced.

angeb2, Nov 26, 12:09am
thanks for reply, i could buy the battery pack my self and change it but wonder about the bulge on the case, might be best to google someone in chch methinks, thanks again

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