Integration of Samsung Galaxy S2 & Bravia TV/ Comp

johnhb, Nov 26, 8:14pm
I would like to integrate my new cellphone- Samsung Galaxy S2,, with my computer on which I'm running XP, and also use it with my Bravia TV (KDL-52Z4500). Any suggestions as to where I could get help with setting this up!

drsr, Nov 26, 8:31pm
The TV does support DLNA - - but it looks like it only supports it for photos and music, not video. You can use Android apps like Skifta to send music and photos directly from the phone to the TV.You can use programs like XBMC to make photos and music stored on the PC available to the TV:

You can also get an HDMI out adapter to connect the S2 directly to the TV via HDMI.

johnhb, Nov 27, 9:55am
Thanks drsr.
So is there ANY way to send video to the TV!

drsr, Nov 27, 10:04am
You need a network media player box hooked up to the TV. I'm not very up to date on these having gone the Media PC route, but AC Ryan Playon and WD TV Live are popular ones.

For best integration with Android (if you want to be able to play videos directly from your phone) you should check whether they work properly as a DLNA destination (renderer), not just a DLNA client.

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