New Laptop Vs I Pad- Need to upgrade

zambesi2, Nov 27, 9:32pm
We need to upgrade our computer.Currently we have anHP with the dreaded Vista platform which drives me crazy. My husband has been waiting for the latest Windows 8 to come out, which it now has.Which way should we go!Lap top, or iPad.I also need to print out things as well.I have a Samsung Galaxy phone.Be very interested as to what people would recommend from personal experiences with their computer.

gblack, Nov 27, 10:01pm
"it depends" - i.e. what do you use your computer for!

Generally I would not recommend upgrading Vista to Windows 8 - you will have the same hardware with a OS that will be. different, but may not solve your problems if it is driving you crazy right now . and I presume you won't have a touch screen which Win8 benefits from.

On the tablet front, we use our iPad Gen 3 a lot for surfing the web, Trademe, some emails, games, Twitter etc so the computer is used a lot less, and the iPad has some huge advantages, but for some things like printing we use the home computer (currently still running XP but about to be replaced with a Win7 machine).

So without knowing what you want to do with your computer, I would suggest iPad + fix whatever if wrong with your current computer. Use and keep both.

BTW - if you like your Android smartphone there are of course plenty of other Android tablets like the Nexus 7 that would be familiar and a bit cheaper than an iPad.

demonknight, Nov 27, 10:32pm
Comparing Apples with Oranges err Windows really. Best idea is to go Windows 8 hybrid such as the Sony Vaio Duo 11 if you are merely interested in tablet portability.

vtecintegra, Nov 28, 9:44am
Vista is very similar to 7 - your problems are probably down to the poor hardware that a lot of Vista installs came on.

As for what to get it depends - if you type a reasonable amount, or want a fairly large screen a laptop is the obvious choice, if you want something cheaper, more portable and with better battery life go for an iPad. I'd tend to avoid the hybrids altogether as they try and do too much and end upo being bad at everything.

mm12345, Nov 28, 10:20am

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