Advice please, adverts on my screen?

Sorry, dont know to much about PC's so need some advice plz.I have a near new laptop, came with a security/anti virus programme (on a pen-drive thingy) "Trend Micro Maximum Security" its called.Anyway since I've installed it I seem to have alot of adverts on side of my screen and some words in texts (like on the msg board) will be highlighted blue & when I scroll over them an advert gets displayed!

geek_hamhonda, Nov 28, 1:22 pm

I have only really noticed it since I installed the TREND programme but it may have been like this from new,

geek_hamhonda, Nov 28, 1:22 pm

Try uninstalling trend and try another av such as Avast free home, or Panda Cloud. Both free. Can't be much good it they offer inducements of free flash drives.

geek_hakatere1, Nov 28, 2:03 pm

Thanks, will try that then.It came either on disc or flash-drive & I picked flash drive just cause i thought it was easier! Think I had to pay an extra $30 or $40 for it when I got the laptop

geek_hamhonda, Nov 28, 2:31 pm

damn, un-installed it & its still happening! any other ideas.have just noticed it seems to only be on TM site, but oesnt do it on my other PC.

geek_hamhonda, Nov 28, 2:56 pm

yes i have them since trade me did the changes on face book games as well driving me crazy have nortins so expected them to get rid of themany ideas please

geek_maggie.o, Nov 28, 3:01 pm

one is congrats you are new ipad winner got 2 up at moment also free trademe coupons help

geek_maggie.o, Nov 28, 3:04 pm

Yer, thats exactly what mine is doing, facking "coupons for Trademe" and even on your comment the new ipad is highlighted blue. Friggin' annoying now

geek_hamhonda, Nov 28, 3:17 pm

Download Malwarebytes , Install , run scan. Use Firefox or Chrome as your Browser & install Adblock plus addon.

geek_blenheim-trader, Nov 28, 3:33 pm


geek_mirddes, Nov 28, 3:48 pm

Clean out your history/cache.
You can use something like Ccleaner from piriform.

geek_pheonix, Nov 28, 5:16 pm

AdBlock works well for me.

geek_davepro, Nov 29, 9:01 pm