Advice please, adverts on my screen?

hamhonda, Nov 28, 12:22am
Sorry, dont know to much about PC's so need some advice plz.I have a near new laptop, came with a security/anti virus programme (on a pen-drive thingy) "Trend Micro Maximum Security" its called.Anyway since I've installed it I seem to have alot of adverts on side of my screen and some words in texts (like on the msg board) will be highlighted blue & when I scroll over them an advert gets displayed!

hamhonda, Nov 28, 12:22am
I have only really noticed it since I installed the TREND programme but it may have been like this from new,

hakatere1, Nov 28, 1:03am
Try uninstalling trend and try another av such as Avast free home, or Panda Cloud. Both free. Can't be much good it they offer inducements of free flash drives.

hamhonda, Nov 28, 1:31am
Thanks, will try that then.It came either on disc or flash-drive & I picked flash drive just cause i thought it was easier! Think I had to pay an extra $30 or $40 for it when I got the laptop

hamhonda, Nov 28, 1:56am
damn, un-installed it & its still happening! any other ideas.have just noticed it seems to only be on TM site, but oesnt do it on my other PC.

maggie.o, Nov 28, 2:01am
yes i have them since trade me did the changes on face book games as well driving me crazy have nortins so expected them to get rid of themany ideas please

maggie.o, Nov 28, 2:04am
one is congrats you are new ipad winner got 2 up at moment also free trademe coupons help

hamhonda, Nov 28, 2:17am
Yer, thats exactly what mine is doing, facking "coupons for Trademe" and even on your comment the new ipad is highlighted blue. Friggin' annoying now

blenheim-trader, Nov 28, 2:33am
Download Malwarebytes , Install , run scan. Use Firefox or Chrome as your Browser & install Adblock plus addon.

mirddes, Nov 28, 2:48am

pheonix, Nov 28, 4:16am
Clean out your history/cache.
You can use something like Ccleaner from piriform.

davepro, Nov 29, 8:01am
AdBlock works well for me.

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