HDMI Smart tv stick

kayjaycee, Nov 28, 6:13am
Has anyone tried one of these and what do you think!Thanks

azza20, Nov 28, 10:06am
what is one! Are you meaning the wifi stick that some tvs need to put them on the net instead of using a cable! Smart tv just means it can plug in to the net and browse read email etc. Some older models requirea wireless plug but new ones have wireless built in

directorylist, Nov 28, 10:10am
You're talking about those embedded Linux boxes the size of a big USB stick that plug in your TV via the HDMI port!

kayjaycee, Nov 28, 5:45pm

trevenco, Nov 28, 8:36pm
"You are no dreaming" and "with the help of U1A, you could suffer online".
Clearly Chinese junk.

velenski, Nov 28, 9:19pm
why! just because of the Chinglish!.

mm12345, Nov 28, 10:54pm
Perhaps I'm wrong, but I see these little devices eventually becoming game-changers.One little hiccup - they need +5v power to operate.If there'd been some foresight when HDMI specs were developed, then they'd have had the +5v on pin 18 from guest rather than host, so these things would power up from being plugged in to the HDMI port on the TV/display rather than needing a USB cable to supply power.

velenski, Nov 29, 9:45pm
still would rather have a raspberry pi.not long it will be running android 4.0 ! :)

mm12345, Nov 29, 10:23pm
Some of these devices already ship with Android 4.x, and have dual core 1.5Ghz, 1GB RAM.
I'm not sure if and how well they work with 1080p via HDMI and the android desktop, whether output is scaled.The tablet we have here running 4.0 is pretty awful connected to an HDTV via HDMI.

macgor, Dec 3, 8:57am
I have a dual core one and it's amazingly good . Use it mostly for watching tv on demand and youtube but really the thing can do most of the everyday stuff that a pc can do including email. Added bonus of all the various android apps that can be downloaded.
Also have earlier single core versions but the dual core leaves them for dead.

Don't buy any other than the dual core is my advice.

mm12345, Dec 3, 9:29am
Interesting.Does the android desktop work at 1920x1080 - or is it scaled (ie not 1:1 pixel mapped).
Please post more of a mini-review.I might buy one - not that I need it, but because the concept (if implemented well) is terrific, and the cost very appealing.

agarn, Dec 3, 9:56am

macgor, Dec 3, 10:27pm
mm12345 I can't tell you much about the technical side of things.
When I run youtube videos at 1080p the images is crystal clear and the motion fluid. Unfortunately my internet often can't keep up so mostly run the videos at 720p. Still a very good picture though.
My gut feeling is the unit is based at 720p and upscales . Either way the end effect is very good.
The earlier units I had seemed to have lousy wifi performance which has been fixed with the latest unit I have.
I was one of the silly ones who upgraded my TV to a smart version and was gutted at how dumb(Panasonic) it was. Adding the android tv stick has cured my woes but really I could have had the same result with my old HD lcd.
The single core unit I have runs hot , not so the latest unit.
My latest feedback will show you the latest unit I bought and the next feedback the one before that.
I guess these things will develop further in quick time, can't wait.

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