Control any computer from any mouse/keyboard?

funnyfellanz, Nov 28, 8:27pm
Hey Guys,

I'm looking into a way to be able to control any computer from either mouse/keyboard. Kinda like Synergy does, but both ways
(Synergy allows one keyboard/mouse to control any pc, but I'm after it in reverse aswell)

This is for dual control sound/visual desks. The visual can push a shortcut (F12for audio eg) and control the audio computer as needed. Or the audio guy can hit eg F11 and scroll the words onscreen through.

Any ideas would be appreciated :)

drsr, Nov 28, 11:23pm
Input Director can kind of do this (you hit a hotkey to transfer keyboard control to another computer) but I think you need to switch the PC out of "slave" mode again before it can be a master and control the other one.

You could just have a wireless keypad next to each computer with the receiver plugged in to the other computer. You could map keypad keystrokes onto the appropriate hotkeys with Autohotkey or whatever. Or for more fun use an Xbox controller with a PC receiver, you can map that with Autohotkey too.

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