How much would a 'tv chip' for a computer cost?

familychch, Nov 29, 5:58am
Just thinking about what to do when every thing changes to freeview.

iluvmuse, Nov 29, 6:00am
approx. $200 retail, cheaper on trademe

thebigratchet, Nov 29, 6:20am
Do you mean a "TV tuner card!"

nowittle, Nov 29, 6:24am
my brother bought a usb freeview tv on here for about $40 he said reception was good on a proper uhf aerial but crapped out on rabbits ears

little_egypt, Nov 29, 7:23am
You generally can't pick up freeview on rabbit ears unless you're easy walking distance from the transmitter. I'm not sure about those USB adapters but I guess since the signal itself is all digital, they either work or they don't. As long as all the 'bits' get picked up he picture will be decoded by your video card so there's no issues with blurry picture and crappy washed out colours like on the old analog tuner devices.

doggitt, Nov 29, 9:17am
I used a USB adapter for a while, was really good. But I had to strip their silly little aerial off it and connect a good pair of bunny ears.

velenski, Nov 30, 5:32am
my usb dvb-t dongle cost $12 and can watch and record freeview .

bluecambridge, Nov 30, 10:47am
I got my brother this:!Id=507 AVerTVVolar HD PRO A835, cost me about $50 on TM, computer stores like DragonPC and online Computer Store have them too. Where he lives, he gets good reception from Sugarloaf so I was able to set him up with the highest gain indoor antenna from Jaycar - $70. Otherwise you would need a good outdoor antenna, just like you would with any TV. It works a treat, beautiful HD picture and comes with remote control. You can record programmes directly to your HDD and there's even a TV Guide! This one even has an AV input on the side so you can plug a DVD player or camera into it!!Id=501

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