Canon Printer backflowing black into the cyan?

nzoomed, Nov 29, 11:58pm
Ive got a canon Pixma MG5150 printer and its printing black out of the cyan!
yet the cartridge is full of cyan ink, yet its backflowing black into the cyan cartridge, doing a deep clean doesnt seem to make the nozzle test any better, the cyan line is mainly grey, there is lines in the pages printed and it goes from grey to cyan if you print a whole page of blue, looking like it will come right, and then the next page is back to square one. This is only the first set of cartridges ive installed since i bought the printer earlier this year!

black-heart, Nov 30, 12:48am
original carts, or refills !

drsr, Nov 30, 1:28am
The black cart is probably leaking into the cart holder. Take all the carts out and look with a torch for ink in the bottom of the cart holder. To clean up you need to take all the carts out and soak up spilled ink from the bottom of the holder with paper towels, preferably using latex gloves as it stains the fingers badly. Chuck the black cart, the cyan one might be OK if you run a few cleaning cycles.

nzoomed, Nov 30, 1:35am
Its all good, i decided to remove the ink head and soak it in warm water, kept soaking it until ink stopped flowing out of the heads, dried it and away its going.
Yes, i refill, but first time ive had this happen, have since been told from the person i got my ink from that this can happen if you leave the cartridges out of the ink head for some time, even it if was only a couple of hours.

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