Inkjet printer?

datoofairy, Nov 30, 6:56am
I have an HP Photosmart C6270 printer.How do I find out if its an inkjet printer or not please!

datoofairy, Nov 30, 7:03am
Thanks. Can you please explain to me how you can tell by that listing that its an inkjet printer!Do inkjets use a different type of ink cartridge or something!

intrade, Nov 30, 7:16am
you cant by that nlist but there is others who list your model
and they list the same catrige type as i posted.
laser last loads longer befor they run out but cost loads more to refill.

carzx, Nov 30, 7:39am
Laser refilling isn't that much more if you know where to shop for the refills. I just bought some refills from overseas.
The laser print quality is far superior to inkjet. The printer machines do cost more to buy, especially colour ones.

gj, Nov 30, 10:25am
6 cartridge inkjet - See here (Not necessarily the cheapest option)

meathead_timaru, Dec 1, 5:52am
You can pick up a A4 colour laser printer for under $200. Monos start at around $70.

datoofairy, Dec 1, 6:54am
Thanks everyone. It has to be an inkjet.I'm using it to print onto iron-on transfer paper and for that it must be an inkjet printer.

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