IPhone 3gs help

I have just purchased a new refurbished unlocked iphone 3gs from an onilne company. In with the phone there is a piece of paper saying "please dont upgrade this phone otherwise it will lock and we wont be able to unlock for you. It is running iOS 5.1. I dont know anything about iphones and dont want my daughter to connect it to itunes until I find out a little more about it. Does that mean dont update itunes!

geek_angelheaven, Nov 30, 11:26 pm

Connecting to iTunes is not an issue, it will prompt you to upgrade, you simple choose no.
So in answer to your question that means don't upgrade in iTunes, or using the iPhones upgrade feature.

geek_odge, Nov 30, 11:29 pm

Ok so will it ask me this everytime we connect.Is there a way I can make it not ask this in case we accidently click it. Is it something that you could over look when connecting.
So they are 2 different things then! So when a newer version of itunes comes out do I get that!

geek_angelheaven, Nov 30, 11:36 pm

From memory you can ask it not to prompt again. Generally you only need the newer version of iTunes for newer phones.

geek_odge, Nov 30, 11:39 pm

Thank you so much

geek_angelheaven, Nov 30, 11:41 pm

I don't think there is any problem updating iTunes. What you don't want to do is upgrade the current operating system in the phone itself.

geek_nbrob, Dec 1, 12:09 am

Correct.It will keep asking you to upgrade to ios6.Not heard of this before, but you're going to have to keep saying no.

geek_tillsbury, Dec 1, 8:07 am

Just to be nosy, what is against upgrading to ios 6.I have, with no warnaing not to.

I will say that, from ios 5, my contacts, calendar and notes have been a mess.barely cleaned up when ios 6 came along and messed the whole lot again.I don't use the iphone for Itunes or Spotify - already eats battery time and using it for music is never an option.

geek_footplate1, Dec 1, 10:20 am

Ok so this will only pop up asking to upgrade when phone is plugged into itunes!. ok when we turned the phone on it is saying we need to update cydia there is 7 updates it needs none meantion Ios or itunes so its ok to do them!.

geek_angelheaven, Dec 1, 2:29 pm

It sounds like your phone isn't really unlocked at all. Just jail broken and hacktivated. If it was factory unlocked there would be no problem at all updating the phones iOS. I would complain and seek an explanation from the seller if they sold it to you as unlocked.

geek_massived, Dec 1, 2:33 pm

Yes thats what I was thinking . Thats why I got this thinking there would be no problems. it was listed like this ""refurbished iPhone 3GS 16GB """ And said that the phones were unlocked

geek_angelheaven, Dec 1, 2:40 pm

Yes thats what I was thinking . Thats why I got this thinking there would be no problems. it was listed like this ""refurbished iPhone 3GS 16GB """ And said that the phones were unlocked. So are unlocked and jailbroken 2 different things I am confused. My daughter is only 14 and will love it but I just dont want her to do the wrong thing and we locked out once we know we will be fine.

geek_angelheaven, Dec 1, 2:40 pm

Ok just googled it now I know what you mean about unlocking as opposed to jailbroken. I emiled them the other day and they still haven't answered

geek_angelheaven, Dec 1, 2:51 pm