Cleaning Touch screen monitor

How can I clean my touch screen monitor without leaving streaks. Have just been using window cleaner but cant remove all the streaks it leaves, thank you

geek_mrscat, Dec 1, 12:23 pm

i want to know too - asked at shop other than buying expensive cleaner they suggested damp cloth, but it leaves streaks.

geek_coralr, Dec 1, 12:30 pm

take one soft lint free cloth, a bowl of warm water with 1 or 2 drops of dishwashing liquid in it, soak cloth and wring out till there are no drips. Clean screen and immediately dry with a microfibre cloth. I use this all the time on screens and TV. The secret is not to let it dry by itself.

geek_gj, Dec 1, 12:55 pm

thanks will try

geek_mrscat, Dec 1, 2:45 pm

Or else get a can of FixityClean from The Warehouse. Like wet wipes.

geek_mikep, Dec 1, 5:08 pm

Good old muslin cloths (get them from Baby Factory) and Earthwise dishwash. Muslin cloths are perfect for cleaning cds too.

geek_flower-child01, Dec 1, 5:56 pm

I bought the above from Countdown Paraparaumu a few weeks ago, so maybe check out Countdown. I note however that the online shopping on Countdown website doesn't have them, only the paper towels, etc.

geek_chnman, Dec 1, 7:11 pm

In my experience, a waste of time and money and leaves streaks like the window cleaner option. (see my prev post)

geek_gj, Dec 1, 8:30 pm