Toshiba Satellite C850/05D

Am in the market for a new computer.Have only ever had desktops.I am old school and like a keyboard so the transition to a laptop is big for me.Very happy to find I can hook up a keyboard and mouse to a laptop.

Any reviews of the Toshiba Satellite C850/05D welcomed.

Thank you :)

geek_possumeyes, Dec 1, 9:38 pm

Why are you interested in this laptop in particular! The specs are nothing special.what's the intended use for your new laptop!

geek_bluecambridge, Dec 1, 10:44 pm

Intended use is just in the home.Internet and a little word processing.Not interested in gaming etc.

What do you mean by "nothing special"

geek_possumeyes, Dec 2, 11:44 am

What is your budget!

That model definitely isn't a $1250 system which seems to be what Noel Leeming has it for.

geek_vtecintegra, Dec 2, 12:02 pm

I am in Australia.I can get this for $695

geek_possumeyes, Dec 2, 12:51 pm