Wireless access point dropping off

laptop-king, Dec 2, 5:45am
Hay guys I have a bit of a funny thing happening to my wireless access point. It is a TP-Link TL-WR541G. This is hardwired into my computer andthe laptops in the house use wireless through it for the internet.

The problem i am having is when ever i play a game on my computer which is hardwired into the access point it drop's off the wireless connections for all the laptops. Any game i play it does this. I have even unplugged my computers network cable from the access point but it still drop's off everyone's wireless! Anyone got any ideas!

law.house, Dec 2, 7:02am
Hi there, please download and install the latest firmware. http://www.tp-link.com/en/products/details/!model=TL-WR541G#down . See if that fixes it and report back. Cheers

laptop-king, Dec 2, 7:44am
It already has got the latest firmware installed. any other ideas!

spyware, Dec 2, 9:34am
Interference caused by CPU in computer. Change wireless channel on router.

laptop-king, Dec 2, 11:01pm
I will give it a go when i get home tonight.

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