Trasfering files from cd to mp3?

Help please. Ive got my partner a mp3 4 xmas & want to put songs on from cds. Whats the easiest way do i have to transfer all contents of cd over or is there just some parts i need! They are original cds not downloaded & got no music in computer. Thanks

geek_cheru10, Dec 2, 7:43 pm

Guessing you got windows, just open windows media player. It's pretty obvious from there how to rip a cd.

geek_black-heart, Dec 2, 7:49 pm

Thanks i was trying to do in my computer. Have got it copying now fingers crossed

geek_cheru10, Dec 2, 8:09 pm

I am assuming you have Windows 7. If not, info may differ slightly.

Make sure you go into Windows Media Player Options and change from WMA format to MP3. (Organize > Options > Rip Music). Then under rip settings change to MP3. Then for 'Audio Quality' you can change the quality, but the further to the right you go, the songs will take up more room on the mp3 player. So maybe change to 192kbps, or if you don't have heaps of CD's put the slider further up. You might not even notice the difference.

On my Sony MP3 player, when I have plugged into laptop with the USB cable, it will show up in Windows Media Player. I then right-click on an album cover or just certain tracks and "add to - sync list".!v=ZyCQ26xeG1o

geek_chnman, Dec 2, 8:23 pm