Can I print from my smartphone?

Just wondering if I can print. wireless printer, smart phone using wireless, I don't seem to find any 'print' option.Anyone got this one worked out please!

geek_kvb, Dec 4, 10:34 am

What sort of phone do you have!

geek_brophs, Dec 4, 10:36 am

What sort of printer also! Some of the Name brands have apps available to enable wirless printing.

geek_alby100, Dec 4, 10:51 am

I have a Huawei U8180, Android 2.2.2, and the printer is a Brother MFC 990CW

geek_kvb, Dec 4, 11:32 am

Have managed to turn Bluetooth on in both devices but although can 'pair' them, won't connect

geek_kvb, Dec 4, 11:57 am

Just did a quick google search.Brother has published an android app that allows printing and scanning.Try installing that.I suspect it will use WiFi/ethernet rather than bluetooth.

geek_floydbloke, Dec 4, 12:16 pm