Computer Training Courses - Excel, Word etc

funho1, Dec 3, 9:26pm
HiYears ago there were givernment-organised (ie free) computer courses. I guessed those finished also years ago !
I need some training in Excel, maybe other bits. Anyone got any recommendations; best I have found so far is ACE which I am about to do a online evaluation of my skill levels .Thanks for any suggestions.

newbie5, Dec 3, 11:19pm
You could try asking at your local C.A.B they should know .
Senior net have computer courses for the basics also books at the library

nowittle, Dec 3, 11:56pm
you tube have some excellent tutorials

king1, Dec 4, 3:34am

_sms_, Dec 4, 3:43am
No such thing as Givernment any more.they just take take take.

bounce16, Dec 4, 4:17am
The funding criteria has changed for most of these courses now.You could try looking on the TEC or NZQA website.Also ask at winz.Any courses above level 3 need to be paid for but you should still be able to find something that does level 2 for free if you are not working.

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