Weird printing behaviour with Word.

carzx, Dec 5, 8:57pm
This morning I printed out an address label with "Lower Hutt", and it left off the "tt" at the end of "Hutt". I tried it a few times playing with the linespacing etc, and the same result. I left off one "t" and it printed that. I tried puting "tt" by itself, and it won't print it, but is ok when "t" is not a double. This is on Word 2007. The printer is hosted on another computer. I tried the same thing on the host computer and it was fine with "tt". I went back to the other computer and changed the font from Calibri (body) to Arial, and problem gone. It was ok with that font on the host computer.
Is that weird, or what!
I've changed the default font to Arial, but why does it behave that way with Calibri (body) font!
The printer is a new Brother laser.

smine, Dec 5, 9:03pm
Could be a spell checker issue, trying to spell hut!

tigra, Dec 5, 9:07pm
Any problems with other double letters like ll or KK or caps OK but l.c. not!

wheelmann, Dec 5, 9:46pm
Print as PDF first.

carzx, Dec 5, 10:02pm
I don't think it's spell checker. I tried typing random "t" and "tt" on a page. All the doubles were left off, while the singles printed. Also, print preview doesn't show what ends up being printed.

carzx, Dec 5, 10:04pm
I haven't tried a range of other double letters, but I will do a bit later on when I get a chance.

carzx, Dec 5, 10:06pm
I'm sure that's a reliable work-around, but so is changing the font. I'm wondering why Microsoft's default font causes this symptom, but it appears to be just over LAN (or at least not on another identical computer which is host to the printer).

r.g.nixon, Dec 6, 12:20am
'Embed' any non-standard fonts into PDFs.

carzx, Dec 6, 6:51pm
This morning I did a test page by typing single, double and triple letters, upper case and lower case of every letter of the alphabet. The results are, it won't print any multiples (double or triple) of the letters "f" and "t" in lower case, but prints all upper case multiples.

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