Full system restore on laptop

carl111, Dec 5, 10:56pm
My internet keeps dropping out and I'm told a full restore should sort it out - so I have saved all my files to a hard drive in preparation to have everything wiped. The shop is going to charge me $80 however, can someone tell me how I can do this myself!! Thanks

thegilly, Dec 5, 11:29pm
Wow, that sounds like massive overkill.Have you checked your modem and filters, checked your internet settings, checked your line for noise, etc!

nowittle, Dec 6, 12:54am
some laptops have a recovery partition that you access through the function keys at boot up. if it has its just a matter of doing that and folowing instructions, it will set it up as you bought it ,i hope you saved your back up to an external hdd

hakatere1, Dec 6, 1:54am
Read the manual!

trang79, Dec 6, 4:02am
Yea READ this again -->
I wouldnt go and restore just cause your net keeps dropping out. i was with Telecom for many years and im with Slingshot now (whom piggy back off the same lines) and my net always without fail drop atleast 3 times a day i have due to other reasions like os change and upgrade, restored twice in the past 3 months NO change to the net issue (not that it bothers me much) but restoring is NOT your fix.

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