My acer netbook battery needs replacing.

Any traps for novices I should watch out for in the hunt to replace this!

geek_oh_hunnihunni, Dec 9, 3:37 pm

best to buy an original if you can. probably will cost more but should last longer than some aftermarket thing. they usually make them out to be higher capacity than they actualy are.

geek_shaun16, Dec 9, 4:08 pm

I'd buy from a reputable dealer such as so as to avoid cheap knockoffs that might explode and burn down your house. For your netbook there are likely different types of batteries - 3 cell, 6 cell, and 9 cell. The more cells, the longer the charge lasts.

I'd also consider that if your netbook needs a replacement it may be getting a little long in the tooth now - as long as it does everything you want there's nothing wrong with that - but it is money that could go towards a new one.

geek_stevel_knievel, Dec 9, 4:09 pm

It's going fine, or was till this wee hassle. I'm wondering though now, if in fact it is battery or the mains power pack that is the issue. It could be either. I probably need to take it to 'a man' lol to check it out for me. Dammit, I was doing so well. Either way, it is such a jewel of the machine i see no reason to ditch it yet. After all 18 months old is a mere baby, if not in machine terms. Tg I have the clunky desktop as well.

Thanks for the help.

geek_oh_hunnihunni, Dec 9, 5:15 pm

What happening with it! Is it working at all or is the battery just not holding charge! Does it work if you remove the battery!

geek_stevel_knievel, Dec 9, 5:47 pm

Battery running down steadily, down to 5 minutes left so I shut it down - and tho' connected to mains power - not charging. Which makes me wonder about the power pack. And nope, tested w/o battery and no life at all. Just as well I didn't leap in a buy a battery this afternoon!

geek_oh_hunnihunni, Dec 9, 5:59 pm