Laptop advice please

I have a desktop which I intend to keep as main pc but want to have a laptop for convenience.Mainly for emails, internet and basic everyday things(I am a very mature lady so nothing too fancy needed !).Don't have a set budget but hoped under $1,000.Far from an expert but after some research have narrowed it down to Toshiba and can get model L850/00R for $955 plus Office Suite for $176.Basic specs are 2.4GHz Gen Intel Core processor, 4GB RAM, 1 TB SATA hard drive, Intel HD graphics etc etc plus Windows 8.Appreciate any advice if this would be a reasonable buy for me i.e. are specs ok for price quoted.Very many thanks.

geek_sandy14, Dec 10, 2:28 pm

That's i7 Intel Core right,seems pretty good money for those specs to me.

geek_chikky11, Dec 10, 2:35 pm

Actually says i3-3110M processor so could be not as good as i7 perhaps !

geek_sandy14, Dec 10, 2:38 pm

Toshiba is one of the better brands, and so is Lenovo or Asus. The model you have listed uses an Intel i7 processsor which is excellent, but over-specified for what you need. The same laptop with an i5 processor will do all you want and more and is usually about $300 cheaper, but your price is pretty competitive. The model L850/03S has a 750GB Hard drive and i5 processor otherwise identical to the one you have listed. Actually the cheaper C850 range is what Toshiba market for everyday use, but its up to you and your budget in the end.

geek_gj, Dec 10, 2:54 pm

Oh - just seen your last post. I didnt know Toshiba made a L850 with a core i3 processor, in which case the price is not cheap after all. My other comments are stillrelevent.

geek_gj, Dec 10, 2:57 pm

Just double checked Toshiba's website and they do show it as an i3.Have another quote for $997 for an i5 (Model L850/046).That one is from Dick Smiths and strangely they say a saving of $100but Toshiba website quotes RRP as $1399 which seems odd.Perhaps I should do more research on Asus brand too.

geek_sandy14, Dec 10, 3:11 pm

You get what you pay for, Toshiba and Asus's cheap lines are just as bad as everyone elses.

Remember to look at the stuff that doesn't show up on the spec sheet - build/keyboard/trackpad/screen-

geek_vtecintegra, Dec 10, 5:46 pm