HP vs Acer?

skinnywhitechic, Dec 10, 2:24am
Needing to upgrade my business computer.We have an acer vaio for private use and an HP for the company.Anyone have an opinion on which one would be better suited for a business situation!

pyro_sniper2002, Dec 10, 2:31am
What model HP

pyro_sniper2002, Dec 10, 2:31am
What model HP EDIT: Never mind, are you saying you want to replace the HP you currently have! If that is the case then another HP will be fine as long as it's a ProBook or EliteBook. None of the consumer ones are any good.

r.g.nixon, Dec 10, 2:32am
Lenovo perhaps.

skinnywhitechic, Dec 10, 4:20am
Sorry it's a Sony Vaio!Our HP is very old but was wondering if the Probook ones are any good!

wellystretch, Dec 10, 5:01am
Yes they are great computers.

quotejoss, Dec 10, 5:40am
avoid acer at all costs.

hakatere1, Dec 10, 6:53am
I second lenovo.


Check 'em all out. Plenty specials. Won't tie up cash before Christmas. Bang it on cc.

vtecintegra, Dec 10, 6:56am
Do be aware Lenovo systems often take quite a while to ship. The T series is pretty solidly built though, so its worth it - I rate my personal T430s above the much more expensive HP Elitebooks we use at the office

stevel_knievel, Dec 10, 7:22am

yabastuff, Dec 11, 5:13am
Also checkout the HP EliteBooks. Or Toshiba

pyro_sniper2002, Dec 11, 6:16am
Out of interest have you had to use Lenovo support at all! I assume they are next day on-site like HP!

vtecintegra, Dec 11, 6:32am
Only my personal laptop is a Lenovo and I haven't needed to request service on it so I don't know how their onsite is.

I did need to request a new battery by phone as the one my laptop shipped with was part of a bad batch - not too impressed with how long a replacement is taking but the phone support people are friendly and polite.

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